2 comments on “Cross Fit – Your view about the every day person that joins?

  1. I have not joined a cross fit box, but I have heard that many non fit trainers get injured whom try to do the lifts or go to heavy and much to soon…

  2. My personal view: Cross fit is not a place for somebody to go and try to loose weight or even get fit. This is high intensity training. You need to be very welled conditioned to be able to try and do the exercises. Most of the time you will not be able to do the WOD ( workout of the day ) as this is focused on a very high international level. The good thing is that they will push you to train hard and give your best, even if this means you need to do easier workouts. ( I don’t see the point of the WOD then ). Also allot of injuries occur because people are not ready or conditioned to try and do this type
    of training.

    So if your a fit, strong athlete that needs an alternative to your sport or even after retirement, cross fit is for you.

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